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Music that is easy to control, seamlessly integrated in your home, and dependable. Now everyone can select Pandora, Spotify or your favorite music service, select from your CD or ITunes collection, even News, on the patio, in the bedroom, or in the kitchen — anywhere with any smartphone or control system you choose.



No Muss. No Fuss. Just Music

S1Digital makes it easy to customize music for your home. Music where you want it, when you want it, all kinds of music. The possibilities are endless.



The Leader In Digital Music

Since 2005, S1Digital has provided leading edge home entertainment solutions for home audio/video integrators. Our products are stress tested to ensure crystal clear audio that works all the time. Every time.



Wall To Wall Enjoyment

Explore music services, synchronize your ITunes library or load any size CD collection in clear Lossless format. You get local and worldwide radio channels, sports, talk, you name it.

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