CE Pro MagazineWinner - Best Technical Support 2016

Best Technical Support - 2016

The CE Pro “Best Technical Support” award for 2016 reinforces our business philosophy and embodies who we are. We are thankful to those dealers and installers who voted in our favor to make this award possible for S1Digital…

We thank you all! We believe that our dealers need our support especially at mission-critical moment on job locations. When our dealers succeed, we succeed. Quality Control has always been our credo from design through manufacture and down to our support system.

“S1Digital with cheerful technical support and an excellent advanced replacement program…”

“S1Digital has amazing technical support!”

Since inception, S1Digital has been producing the best digital devices that complement the the growing automation and integration systems here in the US and around the globe. Our streaming devices operate on a reliable and proven server engine infrastructure and combine the ruggedness of a work horse with simple intuitive design concept at affordable price point. S1Digital Streamers are easy to install and is backed by the best support system in the industry based on recent CE PRO award. We go into intricate detail in our manufacturing process to ensure that our streamers consistently provide high level of performance to meet the demand for high quality streaming audio.



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