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1 Zone Server & Streamer

S1-STREAMER (v2) Spec Sheet



4 Zone Server & Player

H4-1TB Spec Sheet


5 Zone Server & Player with CD Ripping

H5CD-1TB Spec Sheet

Your Music Utopia.
Every Option At Your Fingertips

Streaming Services:

Get crystal clear audio that works all the time – easy and economical. Broaden musical horizons or comfort yourself with favorites. With over two dozen available sources, streaming possibilities are almost limitless.

AM & FM Stations:

Local channels and a worldwide selection in your home with no subscription fees.

Cull your CD Collection:

Access to all of your music with a click! Filter songs by Genre, Artist, Keyword, or Timeframe to create epic playlists or just browse around for what strikes your fancy.

Tested Integrations You Can Trust

S1Digital systems work fluidly with the most important partners in Music Services and Home Entertainment Controls. We make it easy to design a system that can change the mood with the touch of a panel. Here is a selection of our partners.

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